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arrow root powder recipe

Prep Time12 hrs
Total Time2 hrs
Course: how to
Cuisine: Kerala cuisine
Keyword: homemade spice powders
Servings: 2 cups
Author: Jinoo Jayakrishnan
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  • 1 kg arrow root


  • clean the outer skin of the arrow root, wash it thoroughly and trim the edges and black spots if any
  • chop them to pieces and grind it in batches. grind it adding water
  • filter it through a strainer to a clean bowl. let the liquid settle until the thick substance settle down and water floats.
  • gently pour the water from top layer to another bowl. mix with fresh water again and let it settle again.
  • rest until the water and substance is seperated.
  • gently pour out the top water layer and mix again with water and repeat the steps again. repeat the process until the water on top is clear.
  • now extract all the water. and dry the thick substance under sun for a day minimum. when the moisture is completely gone, our arrow root powder is ready to use. You can grind it once to fine powder. sieve and store.