Kathirika vatha kulambu | Brinjal vatha kuzhambu

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My style of vatha kulambu…! Never mind if u don’t have Vathal ready with you….I make it with just shallots and garlic…sometimes with brinjal ..
Here is the recipe…
You need,
sliced shallots 1 cup
Garlic cut into half 6-7 pieces
Sambar powder
Kadala oil 3-4 tsp
Tamrind juice 2-3 cups

Cut slit brinjal and deep Fry it and keep aside..
Heat oil, fry vendhayam slightly and add shallots and garlic to it.. Add sambar powder to it and fry it along with brinjal until fresh aroma arises…pour tamrind juice to it and let it skim to thick paste…add salt and perungayam…let this mixture boil in simmer.
Once thickened you can put off the flame..
This can be stored and used for even a week.

Kathirika vatha kulambu..

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