Kofta curry restaurant style

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Paste 1:
Ginger 1/2 cup
Garlic 1/2 cup

Small shallots 2cup
Red chill 3 nos
Green chilli 1 no

Paste 3:
Almond- 5 nos
Cashew – 5 nos
Cocount milk powder
Kus Kus

Potato2 big sized 2 nos
Green dhal
Moong dhal
Garlic chopped
Ginger chopped
Green chilli chopped

Turmeric,salt,oil,jeera powder,ghee

Prepare all the three paste given in ingredients list…
For the Koftas, pressure cook potato,green dhal and Moong dhal and smash it fine ..now in a kadai, add oil, chopped ginger, chopped Garlic, chopped green chilli..Fry it till golden brown, now add the smashed vegetables to this and add salt and turmeric powder…
Fry it till raw smell goes away…switch it off

Make this into small sized balls as shown in pic and deep Fry in oil until brown..add corn flour to this mixture if the ball breaks..!
Fry all the Koftas and keep it aside..preferably in hot pack

Gravy preparation..
Add oil to the kadai, once it’s hot add ginger garlic paste. Fry until brown. To this add paste 2 and fry it in simmer until oil oozes out
Once this is done,add paste 3 and fry again for 10 min…in simmer. While cooking this, add salt, turmeric and jeera powder

Once gravy is cooked, add Koftas to it and serve hot..

Kofta curry

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