chutney recipes – Collection of south indian chutney recipes

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chutney recipes – Collection of more than south Indian chutney recipes

1. Coriander coconut chutney:

coconut chutney is very common recipe especially in south India for most breakfast main dish combination. this chutney recipe is with coriander and coconut otherwise known as green coconut chutney which is very commonly preferred at my home[…]

coriander coconut chutney recipe for dosa/idli

2. Onion Tomato chutney:

Varuthu aracha chutney | onion tomato chutney recipe | tomato onion chutney recipe with step by step photos and video recipe. This is a simple and easy chutney recipe and a very common chutney recipe for dosa, idly or even goes good for stuffed chapathi[…]

onion tomato chutney recipe | tomato onion chutney recipe

3. Green chilli Coriander chutney | Onion Green chilli chutney:

this is a very simple chutney recipe made with green chilli , onion preferably small onions and coriander leaves. fresh and spicy chutney that can be prepared in few minutes. […]

Green chilly Chutney for dosa

4. Carrot Chutney recipe:

Carrot chutney is a sweet and spicy condiment had as side dish for dosas/idlis. This recipe is without coconut and it is spicy carrot chutney.Healthy chutney for kids – carrots in any form is good for kids and as well as adults. Technology impact on kids these days insists regular care for their eye health[…]

Carrot chutney recipe


5. Onion Red chilli chutney:

South Indian red chilli chutney recipe for Dosa & Idli – simple Kerala style onion red chilli chutney with pictures and video recipe. This is one of the simple and everyday chutney with onions , dry red chilli and tomato […]

South indian red chilli chutney recipe

6. Tomato chutney: 

Simple and easy chutney recipe which can be had as side dish for dosa, idly and paniyaram. Hotel style tomato chutney recipe with detailed instructions.[…]

Tomato Chutney recipe

7. Coriander mint chutney: 

This recipe is served as a side dish in restaurants with tikkas, tandoori, kheema balls, and for most of the starters like crispy chicken fry, KFC style chicken and many more[…]

coriander mint chutney

8. Horsegram Chutney for rice:

There are two other versions of kollu chutney – spicy kollu chammandhi and another way traditional method of preparing kollu thogayal.[…]

Kollu Thogayal for rice

9. Coriander Chutney for rice:

Kothamalli Thogayal or coriander chutney is easy recipe where fresh coriander is sauteed and ground to a coarse paste. Goes good with rice and dosa.[…]

Kothamalli Thogayal

10. Onion coriander chutney 

Onion coriander chutney recipe -Chinna vengaya chutney or chinna vengaya malli chutney recipe with shallots and fresh coriander leaves together with red chillies and tamarind.[…]

Onion coriander chutney recipe

11. Spring onion chutney recipe 

how to make spring onion chutney with step by step photos and video. easy to make, simple and chutney recipe for idli/dosa. can be made within minutes and is tasty as well. […]

12. capsicum chutney

Capsicum chutney

Capsicum chutney | green capsicum chutney recipe with step by step photos and video recipe. simple, easy and quick recipe of capsicum chutney. best goes with dosa or idli. one of the healthy chutney and a different option rather than the usual ones.[…]

13. Snake gourd chutney:

Pudalangai chutney | snake gourd chutney

Pudalangai chutney | snake gourd chutney | potlakaya chutney recipe with step by step photos and video recipe. Easy south indian style chutney recipe for idli/dosa. One of the healthy recipe with snake gourd. […]

14. peanut chutney: 

peanut chutney

Peanut chutney | Groundnut Chutney recipe | Verkadalai chutney with step by step photos and video recipe. Peanut chutney can be prepared in few minutes and it is very tasty. this recipe is without coconut and garlic. adding coconut is optional and can be added directly for grinding if preferred. Suits Idli/Dosa and paniyaram.[…]

15. roasted garlic onion chutney: 

Roasted garlic onion chutney

Roasted garlic onion chutney | Spicy garlic chutney recipe with step by step photos and video recipe. simple onion chilli chutney with the flavor of roasted garlic in it. Onion, tamarind and chilli is ground to fine paste and added to the seasoned oil along with roasted garlic. Find here quick video on making in this chutney.[…]

16. Brinjal chutney

Brinjal chutney recipe | Kathirikkai chutney recipe with step by step photos and video recipe. brinjal or eggplant chutney or vankaya pachadi is very simple and tasty recipe for dosa and idli. We often make the kathirikkai kadayal/ brainjal curry and this one is very similar to that but in the chutney form.

17. Onion coriander chutney without garlic: 

onion coriander chutney recipe

Onion Coriander chutney recipe without Garlic | Vengaya kothamalli chutney with step by step pictorial and video recipe. simple, easy and quick chutney recipe with onion and coriander leaves. fresh coriander leaves is used here for best taste.[…]

18. kerala coconut chutney:

Kerala coconut chutney recipe

Kerala coconut chutney recipe | Red coconut chutney recipe with step by step photos and video recipe. coconut chutney being one of the staple dish of south India is made in many different ways.[..]

19. Carrots Oats Chutney:

Oats recipes Indian- Oats recipes breakfast -Carrot Oats Chutney is yummy, tasty and healthy chutney/side dish for south Indian breakfast idli/dosa/paniyaram varieties.[…]

Oats recipes Indian

20. Ridge Gourd chutney:

Ridge Gourd chutney or Peerkangai chutney is easy and healthy chutney recipe. Ridge Gourd is one of the most used vegetable at any south indian kitchen especially if there is any small babies at home. Yes, they make more of ridge gourd, snake gourd, bottle gourd recipes especially for mothers to help in lactation.[…]

Ridge Gourd chutney

21.Peanut Garlic chutney:

Peanut garlic chutney is garlic flavored peanut chutney. Peanut chutney is very common side dish found in most of our homes. There are lot of variations in it. Adding coconut, garlic or onion makes its taste different.[…]

Peanut garlic chutney

22. Onion Tamarind chutney:

Onion tamarind chutney is simple, easy recipe with onion, tamarind, red chillies and coriander leaves. with just four ingredients, this simple chutney is amazing for idli/dosa. […]

Onion tamarimd chutney

23. Green Coconut Chutney:

Coriander coconut chutney, a simple, easy to prepare chutney recipe for idlis and dosas. Tastes good especially with “naattu malli”. It is very Fresh and aromatic chutney[…]

Coriander coconut chutney

24. Pudina chutney without tomato:

Pudina chutney. This recipe of pudina or mint chutney is best suited for idli/dosas or with rice. My moms recipe without tomato. She use to make this with tomato also. Pudina chutney is always one of the prefered chutney option at our home.[…]

Pudina chutney

25. Beetroot Chutney:

Simple, healthy and colorful chutney recipe with beetroots. mildly sweet and spicy chutney that goes well with dosa and idli and healthier one to use as dip or fillings in breakfast/dinner dishes. […]

26. Onion tomato chilli chutney:

Simple chutney using Onions, tomato and red chilli that can be prepared in just few minutes and is very spicy version which is seasoned with just coconut oil.[…]

27. Cabbage Flaxseed Chutney

Cabbage Flaxseed Chutney is simple, healthy and tasty chutney that will go with idli, dosa and rice as well. It tastes like pachadi and best suits for variety rice as well. I made these with red cabbage/purple cabbage and the color was so good, attractive and different.[…]

Cabbage flaxseed chutney

28. Peanut Sesame chutney:

Peanut sesame chutney is easy to make and tasty condiment for idlis and dosas. When you are looking for some white base chutneys without coconut, this is one of the best option. I have made this one for the Beetroot Masala Dosa.[…]

Peanut sesame chutney

29. Flax seed tomato chutney:

healthy and spicy flaxseed chutney for breakfast/dinner. A different chutney from normal routine. […]

flaxseed chutney

30. Chilli tomato chutney:

Chilli Tomato Chutney | varuthu aracha Tomato chutney with step by step pics and video recipe. This chutney goes good for idlis/dosas and especially for stuffed parathas. This chutney is prepares by sauteing onions, tomatoes and little spicy […]

31. Vengaya Malli chutney | coriander onion chutney

Vengaya Malli chutney | coriander onion chutney is simple yet different chutney that can be prepared quickly
within few minutes. It has a very different method of making chutney unlike other. onions are crushed coarsely and sauted along with spice powders to an spicy aromatic chettinad chutney – vengaya malli chutney […]
 Vengaya Malli chutney
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