Palak Pakora ~ Spinach fritters

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Palak pakora or spinach fritters is baby palak leaves dipped in pakora/bajji batter and deep fried till crispy and golden brown. Easy and healthy tea time snacks especially for kiddos who dont eat greens.Palak pakora

Palak Pakora ~ Spinach fritters Pictorial Directions:

  • Pick fresh neat (untorn) baby palak leaves. Wash them gently.
  • Heat water in a bowl with 1/4 tsp salt to a warm temperature. Just warm and never hot. You should be able to put your fingers in and take out without saying ouch. ☺
  • Put in washed leaves in the water and let it sit for just 1/2 minute. Not more than that. It will become soft if kept for too long..if water is hot also the leaves will turn soft.
  • Ok i heard you, then why do we need to blanch? Because, leaves will get torn when dipped in batter if not blanched.
  • Take a bowl, put in bajji mix and add water to make it thick batter.
  • Drop the leaves one by one and coat them with batter on both sides GENTLY. there are lot of chances for leaves to get torn. So be gentle.
  • Meanwhile, Heat oil and drop the leaves dipped in batter. Again gently flip on both sides and let it cook in medium flame until it turns crispy and dark brown.
  • Repeat the process for all the leaves and serve hot with chilli sauce.

Palak Pakora ~ Spinach fritters Recipe:

Palak Pakora ~ Spinach fritters

Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time5 minutes
Total Time10 minutes
Servings: 2 People


  • 6-8 Baby Palak leaves
  • 4 Tbsp Bajji bonda mix
  • Oil For frying


  • Wash and clean palak leaves. Blanch them in warm water with salt for half a minute.
  • Dip those leaves one by one in thick batter (made with instant bajji bonda mix and water). 
  • Deep fry in hot oil on both sides until golden brown. 
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