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Looking out for a hangout spot with shakes, salads, snacks and much more along with the lot of chit chat, then this is the right place to head on. Yes, I say that for a reason there is a brief throwback to my schooldays. 

I finished my schooling in 2005 and the holidays were so memorable and most of the days we would head on to seasons at DB road and have long and long and long chit chats, laughs and one particular dish i was so addicted to was “chilli cheese toast” and their mayonnaise. 

when i got the ping about the meetup, all those memories flash through my mind and I immediately agreed to visit. there is some sort of emotional bonding towards this place.

Now, they got relocated to TV Samy road, Rs puram with the much cozier ambiance. I personally liked that larger private dining room perfect for a gang of 12-15. 

review about the food at seasons, Coimbatore

A note here: the actual serving size differs from what is shown in pic

welcome drink was rosy melon and mint cooler. rosy melon was good, mild and refreshing with watermelon, rose syrup and ice cream

Rosy melon and lime mint cooler

salads had the same good taste. corn mayo salad which had been my all time favorite. 

Corn Mayo

sandwiches had the usual taste but i seriously missed the taste of mayo that i loved here. I would simply lick and finish off the mayo bowl myself. but now, there is a lot of change and it is very much like a ready made one. 

Grilled veg sandwich and mushroom sandwich

schezhwan fried rice, though it missed the burnt garlic flavour it justified the spice and taste to its best. 

schezwan fried rice

chocolate milk shake was awesome of all. looks like they have it ice cream blended but it tasted good. 

chocolate shake

ice creams had a simple but peculiar flavors in each. we did taste 3 varieties and i loved blueberry flavour and almond flavour than red velvet. 

My overall review: ★★★★

  • Dining experience: casual and comfortable 
  • Service: good
  • Food: No harm; simple and usual 
  • family & friends: best place for a long chit chat 
  • Price: reasonable 

Address: it is located in TV samy road, R.S. puram opp to SMS hotel.
No.31, E TV Swamy Rd, R.S. Puram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641002

For any reservations/enquiry: 077084 78910

Lastly, thanks to the wonderful team of seasons for hosting us and it was a pleasant experience. 

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