7 Tasty Chaat recipes | Indian Chaat recipes

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Chaat recipes are very common street food of India in all the states. With a small variation across, it is the favorite food items for everyone. When it can be made at home, we can make them healthier as well. There is a lot of variation in the chaat recipes across north India and south India. Here is the seven common chaat recipes that is available in every chaat corner across south India.

Being a foodie, chaat is one of my favorites and I try out them at home often. So, here I have consolidated about 7 easy chaat recipes except pani puri which includes,

  1. Ragda chaat
  2. Sev puri
  3. Dahi puri
  4. Papdi chaat
  5. Dahi Papdi
  6. Dry Bhel
  7. Masala Bhel

The ingredients used in all the chaat recipes are common. You will need to have the ragda curry and the chaat chutneys prepared ahead if you are planning for all the recipes. Now, that the puris and papdis are very easily available in supermarkets, they can be bought easily.

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