Filter coffee recipe | traditional south Indian Filter coffee | Filter Kaapi

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Filter coffee recipe | traditional south Indian Filter coffee | Filter Kaapi recipe with step by instructions. and a quick video recipe on how to make perfect filter coffee. this is also known as kaapi/ Kapi or degree coffee.

How do you make a good coffee filter at home?

there are few factors determining a good and perfect Filter coffee, they are

  • Coffee chicory powder that is filter coffee powder that is used
  • Coffee has to be prepared quick to retain the heat of milk and decoction.
  • thick and strong decoction makes a good coffee, of course, you can adjust the quantity of decoction but a thin decoction makes a boring coffee
filter coffee recipe

Coffee and Tea are the two most addictive things which no south Indian can live without. Filter coffee mornings make the day worthwhile. and a masala chai evening helps boost us to run a bit longer and active.

it takes a few days to refine and get the trick of making the right consistency of filter coffee. of course, practice makes it perfect. I have an addict to filter coffee recently and the addict here means to know the niche of the technique and to hit it right. yes, we took some 4-5 weeks trials every morning to get it right. In choosing the right brand powder, making it right!

filter coffee recipe

traditional south Indian filter coffee video

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Filter coffee recipe

Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time5 minutes
to filter10 minutes
Total Time10 minutes
Servings: 2 servings


  • 2 cups milk
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 2 tsp coffee powder
  • 2 tsp sugar


  • add the coffee powder to the upper compartment of the filter and place the tamper over it. 
  • boil water and add the water slowly over the press. close it with the lid
  • after 10 minutes, the decotion gets collected completely in lower compartment. meanwhile, boil milk. 
  • add 1 tsp sugar to each tumblers and pour 1/4 cup decotion over it. 
  • add the boiled milk and give it a stir or transfer between tumblers. 
  • serve hot! 



1. based on coffee granules, filtering time varies
2. adjust sugar based on your preference.
3. you can add few drops of decotion on top before serving for an added taste.

step by step making of the filter coffee recipe

the first and foremost step is to know about the traditional filter coffee making machine. this is also known as a coffee filter.

  • it has one lower compartment where the decoction is collected
  • upper compartment with holes to filter press or tamper with holes to press the coffee powder
  • lid to close the coffee maker
filter coffee recipe

put in the filter coffee powder into the upper compartment and place the press over it and level it. 

filter coffee recipe

boil 1/2 cup water until it comes to a rolling boil and pour it over the press SLOWLY. close and lid and let it do its process of filtering. it takes about 10 minutes to get filtered completely. depends on the granule size of coffee used. 

filter coffee recipe

after 10 minutes, open and you could see that all the water is filtered from the upper compartment. open the lower part and find the decoction collected. 

filter coffee recipe

meanwhile, boil 2 cups milk. add sugar to the cups and measure 1/4 cup decoction into each tumbler. 

filter coffee recipe

when the milk is boiled, pour the milk into the tumbler. 

filter coffee recipe

transfer the coffee once or twice between tumbler and the cup to get sugar decoction and milk get mixed evenly and also to bring it to a drinkable heat. 

filter coffee recipe

your authentic filter coffee /kaapi is ready to be served! Enjoy it! 

filter coffee recipe
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