Samayalarai – tantalizing south Indian thali @ coimbatore

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Veg and non veg thali at affordable and a star experience

“Coimbatore’s First South Indian thali restaurant in an star hotel is crafted to offer authentic culinary journey of culture. Inspired by the regional tradition and charm, it takes you away from the hustle of the city to a tranquil environment in which you can enjoy your meal at leisure while the soothing strains of Carnatic calms your harried nerves. Specialties from the different regional cuisines of Tamilnadu are served ”

________________samayalarai Coimbatore review__________________

what’s so new to the normal south Indian thali? 

they have a set of menus changing everyday. you could see the menu below. we were served with vasantha neer – a jaggery lemon drink with mint flavour which was light and refreshing.

samayalrai coimbatore review
menu card of the day

I opted for a non veg meal and got served piping hot kozhi milagu rasam. not too much spiced and the quantity is apt for the lengthy course of meal to follow. Its must to mention bout the drumstick pulp soup in the veg thali. I tasted it and it was too good and different dish that i haven’t tasted yet. the flavour of drumstick pulp was blending too good with the rasam. 

Special mention to aprons

samayalrai coimbatore review
aprons kept along with towels

They have placed Aprons to be worn while eating. That’s a good idea especially for the clumsy eater like me:) 

the whole course of meal had so much that a taste of each made me full. fish fry, paneer podi were both were mildly spiced and good in taste. nothing negative to point out in the course. 

My overall review on samayalarai

  • Dining experience – relaxed, feel good experience with light music
  • Food – no harm to tummy, lengthy course 
  • Family – leisurely time can be spent with family
  • Kids – dishes are kids friendly (low-medium spiced) 
  • Price – 1400/- for two approximately. 

Samayalarai focus is on the quality of the ingredients it uses and the cooking methodology, which contributes to the genuine flavors of the vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that are elegantly presented and adoringly served in a Thali

samayalarai team

The restaurant is located on the 1st floor of Radisson Blu Coimbatore and is open for dining during lunch meal from 12.30pm to 3.00pm from Monday to Saturday.  Samayalarai can accommodate up to 80 guests including alfresco dining.

If you want to learn more about booking and enquiries –

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Thanks for taking time to read my review and special thanks to radisson team for hosting us !

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