Applesauce for Babies ~ Applesauce for babies first food

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Applesauce for Babies – Apple pureed and cooked to a sauce texture. This is given to babies especially during constipation. This can be made and stored in refrigerator for a week. Apple sauce can be added in porridge, kheer or can be given as such. Apple sauce can also be used for baking. applesauce for babies

It is quick and easy to make and turns out delicious that most of the babies will love it. I prefer making it fresh as it is not much time consuming. Based on the apple variety chosen, you can skip or add sugar based on the sweetness of apple. Instead of white sugar, we can add cane sugar/brown sugar, palm sugar or any other sweetener of your preference.

I have made this apple sauce with little bit of chunks so that my lo loves to bite them inbetween. Incase you are trying this for babies below 1 year, grind it smooth. well, that’s upto your preference.

It is always advisable to cook the apple after grinding. If your baby do not like apples as such, try it mixing with the porridges of their choice. It is a good homemade remedy when they are down with diaherra. Healthy and effective medicinal value helps them regain their stamina faster.

Applesauce for babies first food:

It is advisable to cook the apples when giving to babies below 1 year especially when trying out for the first time, give a spoonful of it for 3-5 continuous days and check if they are all fine before giving it out on schedule.

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Applesauce for Babies – Recipe:

Applesauce for Babies

Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time10 minutes
Total Time15 minutes


  • 1 large apple
  • 2 tbsp cane sugar/brown sugar/palm sugar optional


  • Wash apple, peel and chop them to medium sized pieces
  • grind them to paste (It's ok to find few chunks in between)
  • heat a pan, pour the puree into it
  • add sweetener of your choice and mix well.
  • let it cook until it thickens and gets to a sauce like consistency
  • cool it down and serve fresh
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