Baby Foodz – Papaya Puree

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Papaya Puree, A healthy simple puree recipe for babies. find here some simple tips on how to choose papaya especially for babies.papaya puree

Choosing Papaya:

  • When a papaya is partially yellow or slightly green, keep it at room temperature where it will ripen.
  • To speed up the ripening, roll the papaya in a paper.
  • Avoid papayas with soft flesh near the stem end.
  • Look at the base of the papaya, where the stem was attached.
  • If you see any mold or mildew, do not buy this papaya
  • Avoid papayas with an unpleasant or strong smell, which may be old or fermented
  • Seeds are edible but avoid giving it to babies. discard them.

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Making Papaya Puree:

  • If the papaya is completely ripe, wash them.
  • Peel the skin off and Slice them
  • De-seed and chop them to pieces
  • Then mash it with fork until smooth or simply give a pulse and make puree.

Make it fresh and serve for better taste and health.

If your baby is below 1 year, it is advisable to steam the papaya until mushy and then give it a pulse. In case if it is not fully ripe, steaming helps in easier digestion.


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