Nei Appam

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Sweet appam or neither appam or pazha appam recipe is easy to cook tasty and festive sweet

1. Mix well pacha rash powder 1/4 kg, 2 ripe banana (Nendra preferably) smashed, powdered elaichi, dry coconut slit into thin small pieces.
2.add melted jaggery as much required to make dough of required consistency as shown in the next pic.
3. Mix well and let it be for 3-4hrs..
4. Mix oil and ghee and pour in paniayaram kadai. Be generous in adding oil n ghee for better taste.
Pour 3/4th of pit with dough and let it cook in simmer.
once done, turn sides slowly and let it cook.

That’s it ! ??yummy appam is ready!

To this recipe we can add soda if required.

Nei Appam

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