Vishu 2019 – 37 Vishu Sadya Recipes From Kerala -Vishu feast recipes – 37 recipes

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37 Amazing authentic Vishu Sadya Recipes From Kerala

Vishu Sadya Recipes From Kerala – Vishu falls on Monday, 15th April 2019. Also well known as Malayalam New year, it is a Hindu festival celebrated to start the Malayalam calendar year.

Vishu means “Equal”. It is on this day, we make colourful meals and arrange fruits, jewels, money and every fruit and vegetable in a colourful way in front of the mirror/”valkannadi“. Some people just keep Lord Krishna and arrange everything around the statue. It is a custom that the senior most lady in the house arranges everything after everyone else goes to sleep. She makes sure all the fruits, vegetables, flowers, jewels etc are seen at a single shot through the mirror. This ceremony is known as “Vishukkani Kazhcha”

Then at very early morning around 3-6 am. She/elderly person wakes up each family member one at a time and brings them eyes closed to the place where all things are arranged. It is believed that the first sight you see for the year brings in luck throughout the year. Then they open up eyes to see the area fully arranged with everything so nice, beautiful and rich. Most importantly, everybody gets blessings from their elders by falling on their feet in return they are gifted with money which we call it as “Vishu kaineetam“.

Now, coming to our favourite topic ” Vishu Sadhya”. We make the usual sadhya recipes. Apart from this, the special recipes of the day are Vishu Kanji, Vishu Katta, Thoran, Veppampoorasam, Mampazhappulissery.

Menu lists start with (starting from the left top corner of banana leaf) – Vishu Sadya Recipes From Kerala

Salt, Pickle, Pappadam, Banana chips, Chakkaravattu, Chakka chips, steamed Banana, pachadi, kichadi, Kalan, Olan, thoran, puliserry, eriserry, kootu curry, avial, Steamed rice, sambar, rasam, mor kootan, buttermilk/curd, pradhaman, paal payasam, vella payasam.

This is basic list in which we have so many varieties. For instance, There are lot of thoran- cabbage thoran, cabbage carrot thoran, mixed vegetable thoran so on. We at jinooskitchen are trying to explore as many sadhya recipes possible and will share with you our recipes. Try it, taste it and give us your feedback!

Tips and tricks on preparing Vishu Sadya Recipes From Kerala:

Preparing entire Vishu Sadya Recipes From Kerala Single handed is very difficult and time consuming that it takes your entire daytime to prepare it and you will finally end up sitting at kitchen and miss out all your favorite special TV shows 🙂 Of course if you have your dear ones to help or anyone else to help you around, then fine. Even then, these few simple tips can make your sadhya preparation easier.

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