Jackfruit Icecream recipe | Easy No churn Ice cream recipe

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Jackfruit Icecream recipe | Easy No churn Ice cream recipe with step by step photos and video recipe. Prepared within minutes with just 3 ingredients – fresh cream, condensed milk, and fresh fruit pulp.

One important tip while making No churn ice cream is that always have your ingredients chilled. Take them right out of the refrigerator and make it. If you are unsure of the hot weather around, then have a bowl of ice cubes and place the mixing bowl over the ice cubes just like we do for the double boil.

Jackfruit Icecream recipe

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Jackfruit Icecream recipe

Jackfruit Icecream recipe

Jackfruit icecream recipe

Prep Time10 minutes
Freeze6 hours
Total Time10 minutes


  • 1 cup jackfruit Avrils
  • 1 cup fresh cream
  • 1/2 cup Condensed milk


  • Blend the jackfruit avrils to fine pulp
  • Beat the fresh cream until soft peaks
  • Further, fold in condensed milk and jackfruit pulp
  • Pour the mixture to a freezer safe box and close it with a lid. 
  • Freeze it overnight or until set. 


Easy No churn ice cream recipe

  1. peel, de seed and grind the jack fruit to a fine paste.
Jackfruit Icecream recipe

2. Take the chilled fresh cream in a mixing bowl and blend it to a soft peak.

Jackfruit Icecream recipe

3. Further, add chilled condensed milk and jack fruit pulp

Jackfruit Icecream recipe

4. Gently Fold in the ingredients together but do it quickly before it thins out.

Jackfruit Icecream recipe

5. Pour the mixture into a freezer proof box and freeze it overnight or until set.

Jackfruit Icecream recipe

6. Serve the Jack fruit icecream fresh and enjoy !

Jackfruit Icecream recipe
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