Diwali Sweets and snacks recipes | easy Diwali recipes

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Collection of Diwali recipes that are easy to make south Indian Diwali sweets and snacks recipes. Diwali or Deepavali is very popular festival celebrated in India. As soon as we say Diwali, the things that come to our mind are New dress, Crackers, Sweets, and snacks.

How much ever the period changes, generations grow up, these things get us excited during Diwali. when talking about sweets and snacks, we do hesitate to make them at home when it is such easily available in shops.

But the fact is, the happiness you get in making bulk Diwali recipes together with family and distributing your homemade snacks to relatives and friends and visiting them is even more fun than watching TV shows and sitting at home.

Even now, my mom makes a couple of snacks and a couple of sweets every year. Diwali isn’t going to be happy without my mom’s murukku. 

Here is the collection of Diwali recipes which are very easy to make and anybody can do it right kind of Diwali recipes.

Diwali sweets and snacks recipes – video playlist collection

1. Classic butter murukku recipe

2. kara sev recipe

3. Maida thattai recipe

4. Seedai recipes

Collection of Diwali sweets recipes

1. Sweet somas recipe

2. peanut sesame ladoo

3. chocolate peda recipe

4. Boondi ladoo

5. carrot halwa recipe

6. Sweet diamond biscuits | kala kala

7. pineapple kesari

8. poruvilangai urundai

9. pomegranate burfi

10. health mix ladoo

11. rava ladoo

12 . Moong dal ladoo

13. manoharam recipe

14. Mysore pak recipe

15. pori urundai

16. Rava burfi | sooji ka barfi

17. Mini jhangiri recipe

18. Kesar peda recipe

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