South Indian Curry Recipes for rice |collection of 36+ curry recipes

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South Indian Curry Recipes for rice – collection of 36+ curry recipes. south Indian curry a.k.a kulambu or kuzhambu vagaigal in tamilnadu and kootan or ozhichu curry in malayalam is everyday need for our staple food rice.

Planning a lunch is an everyday hectic task for every women around the corner.  Every morning we end up standing in the kitchen riddled and thinking of what to cook for the day?

Awkward, yes it is, but truth is Sometimes even in the bathroom, Sometimes before even getting out of bed begins the planning.

What’s in the pantry? What’s the vegetable in refrigerator ? What’s the day today? Will my kiddo like the vegetable? Will my Husband take lunch? Do i have time to cook this curry?

Thousands of questions running through our mind everyday to plan our menu.

“Meal planner Never works for me”

Getting on to the fancy term, “meal planner” . How many of us have really tried planning for the week and failed to follow? more than 90 %? At least for me, It does not work. I gave up the idea of planning my meal for the week.

We cook based on our #1 mood, Something with level ‘difficult’ if in happy mood or simple curd rice and potato fry if feeling uncomfortable.

Based on the #2 day, Friday it is compulsory to cook dal 🙂 My Amma has taught me that since the day is considered auspicious, we don’t make puli kulambu or any sour curries, we use lot of vegetables and dal on that day. Each of us have some or the other criteria to cook on a particular day.

Based on #3 family members liking, I remember planning for the week and i ended up totally confused when early in the morning my husband asked me whats for lunch? I gave him the list that am going to prepare. He gave a sad look asking” Can you cook chicken for me today?” and there my planner collapsed.

Based on #4Vegetables in pantry, Yes its true greens have to be cooked first, carrots can wait, pumpkins can ditch you anytime. So its better to check on the vegetables the previous day and plan for the next day based on its shelf life.

This “36 Delicious south Indian curry recipes for rice” are my collection of curries and it includes recipes way old 3-4 years back. So i haven’t updated the posts, photographs but the recipes are perfect and can be planned anytime. It is a long list plan to update all my old posts with better photographs 🙂 Let’s see if i can anytime in future.

36 Delicious south Indian curry recipes for rice:

Coimbatore Annapoorna Hotel Style Sambar Recipe

Annapoorna style sambar

flavour rich and unique sambar of Coimbatore Annapoorna that will go well with rice and tiffin items

methi sambar recipe

methi sambar

healthy sambar recipe with fresh methi (vendhaya keerai) and drumstick. podi sambar recipe

Sambar recipe Kerala style

Kerala sambar recipe

nadan varutharacha sambar i.e., spices freshly roasted and ground to a sambar masala and cooked with vegetables

how to prepare sambar

raw mango sambar

popular sambar during mango season. made with raw mangoes and drumstick. 

Vendakkai sambar recipe

vendakkai sambar

Tamil style sambar made with ladies finger

Pineapple Rasam recipe

pineapple rasam

simple and flavorful rasam recipe with pineapple

ulli theeyal

ulli theeyal

flavour rich tangy and medium spiced small onion curry kerala style

mambazha puliserry

ripe mango cooked in buttermilk curry 

Tender jackfruit curry recipe

Tender jackfruit curry 

idi chakka curry recipe popularly known as pulingari in Kerala

kadachakka curry

kada chakka masal curry

breadfruit curry that suits rice and tiffin items south indian style

Cauliflower curry recipe

Cauliflower masal curry 

simple and easy Cauliflower curry recipe a.k.a masala curry that goes well with rice and dosa. 

Easy spinach gravy for rice

keerai masiyal

simple spinach curry where greens are cooked along with spices and ground to coarse paste. 

Snake gourd dal

podalanga parippu curry

easy and simple Snake gourd dal for rice

Kanthari Mulaku curry

kanthari mulagu curry

curry made with birds eye chilli which is known to have lots of benefits to health. 

moru curry recipe

chembu moru curry

taro root yoghurt curry also known as puliserry.

Vanpayar mathanga curry recipe

Vanpayar mathanga curry 

red beans and sweet pumpkin curry made along with drumstick.

Vazhaipoo Kuzhambu recipe - Banana Flower curry recipe

Vazhaipoo Kuzhambu 

banana flower curry recipe tamilnadu style

Kerala kadala curry

kerala kadala curry

classic chickpeas curry made the kerala style suits well for tiffin items and also for rice

mochai kuzhambu recipe

mochai kuzhambu 

mochai or butter beans curry tamilnadu style 

Sundakkai kara kulambu

sundakka kara kulambu

tangy sundakka kulambu a.k.a turkey berry curry tamilnadu style. 

Mambazha kuzhambu recipe

mambazha kulambu

spicy, tangy and sweet curry recipe different from the usual buttermilk curry made with ripe mangoes

Agathipoo paruppu kulambu

agathipoo kulambu

Agathipoo paruppu kulambu or sesbania grandiflora lentils curry 

Puli kuzhambu recipe

kathirikkai puli kulambu

Puli kuzhambu recipe – spicy, tangy brinjal curry recipe 

Manathakkali vatha kulambu

manathakkali vathal kulambu

Manathakkali vatha kulambu is a tangy curry made with dried blacknight shade and appalam(papads)

Vendakkai puli kuzhambu

vendakka puli kuzhambu

ladies finger tamarind curry for rice – popular puli kuzhambu tamilnadu style

Easy spinach gravy for rice

keerai masiyal

Easy spinach gravy for rice made with sauteed greens and spices and ground coarse to paste. 

Sorakkai Kootu | Bottlegourd kootu recipe

bottle gourd kootu

Sorakkai Kootu | Bottlegourd kootu recipe – simple, tasty and deliious curry made with lentils and bottlegourd. 

Thrissur kootu curry recipe

thrissur kootu curry

kerala thrissur style kootu curry recipe with kadala paruppu (chana dal)

kootu curry recipe

kootu curry with chickpeas

Kerala kootu curry recipe with chickpeas and yam/raw banana

Banana Flower Kootu

Banana Flower Kootu

Banana Flower Kootu – vazhaipoo kootu recipe made with dal and banana flower 

Unnithandu paruppu kootu

Unnithandu paruppu kootu

Unnithandu paruppu kootu – banana stem dal curry for rice

tomato rasam recipe

tomato rasam recipe

thakkali rasam or tomato rasam my mothers style. 

Easy Rasam recipe kerala style

kerala rasam 

Easy Rasam recipe kerala style

sadya kalan recipe

chena kaya kalan

sadya kalan recipe made with chena/yam and kaya/raw banan

Sadhya Kalan recipe

sadhya kalan 

Sadhya Kalan recipemade with yam specially for the kerala sadhya.

cheera mulakushyam

cheera mulakushyam

cheera mulakushyam recipe spinach cooked in coconut and dal curry

chakka mulakushyam

chakka mulakushyam

jackfruit mulakushyam / lentils coconut curry kerala style 

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